Eagle Creek

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Eagle Creek is the original adventure travel gear company, and since the beginning have been committed to making the best possible products in the most responsible way. We are a brand of travel enthusiasts, and you can see the passion of our employees in the products we create.

Our goal is to enhance any travel experience by considering the needs of the traveler, and creating solutions to help travelers stay organized and traveling with ease.

Offering a wide selection of luggage, packing organizers, accessories and day bags, our Travel System of gear will help ensure you’ve covered during each leg of your journey. And it doesn’t end there. We are keenly aware of the environmental impact of everything we produce and strive to minimize material waste, and source and manufacture with the least environmentally impactful materials. We strive to create the most durable, long lasting products, with the best possible materials, to ensure your gear lasts a lifetime. And just in case the unthinkable comes your way, we cover nearly all our gear with a No Matter What™ Warranty, where we will repair or replace your gear no matter what comes your way. This approach ensures your gear will last, and eliminates waste that might otherwise end up in a landfill, protecting our planet for years to come.

During our 40 years of experience, we have picked up many tips and tricks along the way. And with that knowledge, we have become a complete resource for your travel needs. From the gear to get you there, packing lists, and travel tips & tricks, Eagle Creek is a place where you can find the information and inspiration to get you on your next journey.

History of Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek was born in 1975 in the San Jacinto Mountains of California where Steve and Nona Barker ran a retail store called Mountain People and sewed custom mountain packs. That year, they decided to turn their energy full-time to pack manufacturing. The name Eagle Creek was chosen and production began in a 1500 square foot warehouse in Solana Beach, California. In 1979, Ricky Schlesinger joined the duo; he would go on to lead the brand’s sales and marketing efforts helping grow the brand into what it is today.

Since the beginning, innovation, durability and craftsmanship have been an integral part of the brand’s DNA. Eagle Creek was first to market with the concept of the “adventure travel gear” category and the first to offer a backpack designed specifically for travel. The brand was first to utilize double needle seam stitching for increased durability and was first with a built-in organization panel in a backpack.

In 1996, Eagle Creek introduced the Pack-It™ System, a series of Folders, Cubes and Sacs made to organize travelers worldwide by changing the way people pack. To this day Eagle Creek is still the leading brand in packing organization. This same year, the brand launched the original Switchback™, the first-ever convertible backpack on wheels. Since the very beginning, Eagle Creek has been a brand of many firsts, always staying innovative and creating products that change the way people travel.

Throughout its history, Eagle Creek has been committed to providing travelers with a complete travel system, from a main bag to packing and organization solutions, to security, comfort and everyday essentials while on the road. Today, Eagle Creek is the only brand that provides a complete Travel System of products to outfit for any trip and every traveler. The brand continues to lead the market with innovation in adventure travel gear, luggage and packing solutions for active, adventurous souls.