Edkesha Anderson

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Hi Family! My name is Edkesha Anderson. I am the owner of Travelwithkey, LLC. I am an independent contractor with Travel Question Network, an awesome host agency with over 2,000 active travel agents with varying degrees of travel knowledge. Travel Quest Network is a member of ASTA, ARC, Travel Leaders Network, and other certifying agencies. As an independent agent, I am a member of ASTA and CLIA. No matter what, we have our clients covered in all aspects of travel!

I am ecstatic to be a part of the Family Travel Association. I am a military child that grew up traveling the world with my family and I wouldn’t change that experience for anything in the world. My focus has been on educationally immersive travel for families while traveling in the Caribbean or United States. That means I create itineraries for families that are traveling with their kids and want their vacations to be more than going to the beach or lounging around the hotel or resort. I love the spark you see in children’s eyes when they learn something new and can take it away and apply it to their everyday lives. I research off the beaten path activities that allow kids and parents to explore, discuss, learn, and grow while they travel the world. You would be amazed at what doors are opened and what mindset shifts happen when kids and parents break down barriers of education and learn from their surroundings. If you would like to learn more about educationally immersive travel, I invite you to connect with me on social media or contact me at the information provided!

What you get when working with me:

  1. A 1:1 partner to plan, book, and facilitate your travel
  2. An agent with your family’s best interest at heart. Your family is my family.
  3. An advocate available for you 24/7 while traveling
  4. Access to my knowledge, tips, and tricks.
  5. Access to my exclusive Facebook Group for families to share their travel stories, concerns, tips, and tricks

I hope that I can have the opportunity to change the way you travel with your family!!

Edkesha Anderson

#343 2801 Washington Road, Suite 107
Augusta, GA 30909
(706) 406-4408

FTA Certified Travel Advisor