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Elevate Destinations specializes in custom family trips with a focus on community interaction and experiential learning.

Family travel encourages lifelong wonder, learning, and interest in people and places far beyond your own home. We design trips that dig deep into local culture. We’ll help you connect, play, dance, and even volunteer with the people you’ll meet.

Your kids can find out what Costa Rican school kids do at recess, or what Maasai families in Kenya eat for lunch. If your kids are wild about animal encounters, we go there. What’s better than seeing an elephant in the wild? Watching your child spot one. What’s even better? Adopting an orphaned elephant and bottle-feeding it!

Tell us what you’re imagining for your next family adventure. No family configuration is too complicated! We’ll take care of all the details, so your only job is to relax and open up to the the ultimate global classroom.


Elevate Destinations was founded and operates as a social enterprise: philanthropy and positive social and environmental impact are key to our mission. We encourage people to travel sustainably and design each trip conscientiously, facilitating travelers to fully experience, understand and protect destination areas.

  • We provide carbon offsets for all land portions of our trips.
  • We select the most sustainable lodges and properties available in the destinations we visit.
  • We partner with like-minded in-country operators that follow sustainability guidelines.
  • We connect travelers interested in participating in service opportunities with meaningful, high-impact experiences.

Buy A Trip, Give A Trip

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to travel, regardless of where they were born or how powerful their passports may be. Every trip organized through Elevate Destinations allows a group of local children to visit tourist sites in their own country. Visiting historical sites, seeing conservation projects, and getting up close with wildlife is an immeasurable experience for local youth — many of whom have never traveled out of their own villages.

Enjoy your vacation knowing that you are sharing the spirit of travel and helping others to take their first adventure.