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USA Today: Focus Ranch – one of “10 Great Places to be a cowboy”

Focus Ranch is a traditional working cattle ranch that invites guests to share in the day-to-day operation of the ranch. Horseback riding and cattle are the hallmarks of Focus Ranch. Yet, the remote features of the ranch offer fly fishermen, photographers, hikers, naturalists, fitness enthusiasts – to name a few – unique opportunities to pursue their interests in a pristine setting.

What makes us unique…

We run yearling cattle. There are few yearling ranches in our class for two reasons: the quality of our grass and the guest business. We ride six days a week with our cattle -moving them through four pastures on the ranch three times and seven pastures in the forest twice-25 moves in about 120 days.

Ages and abilities of the riders will be assessed and wranglers will take out rides accordingly.

Since 1974, Terry and Maureen (a few years later) Reidy have operated the ranch in much the same fashion as the previous owners. “We run 1300 plus head of yearling cattle, keep a small herd of cows that calve in the spring, milk a cow or two, feed a few “bum” lambs, raise a couple of weaned pigs and grow a lot of grass to be mostly grazed. We invite a few guests to come and enjoy our lifestyle. There is always something to do and there is no quieter place to do nothing, if one chooses. Kids love it because they are free to explore in a safe environment and get personal with the barn animals and nature”.

Kid Entertainment:

We hire individuals who come with skills to fill the many “hats” worn as an employee at Focus Ranch. One of the most popular “hats” is ranch counselor, who organizes and entertains the kids when off the horse. We pride ourselves in knowing that the adults will not hear the phrase: “there is nothing to do”.

A few quotes from the younger cowhands:

Brian: “I had a fun time at the ranch. I loved riding horses, my favorite was Blue. I like to walk, trot and cantering. It was more fun than Disneyland.”

Megan: “I liked the horses, the sheep, watching Dingbat get milked, feeding Lucky and the lambs….”

Food, Lodging, Access:

Meals are wholesome and home-cooked. We can accommodate dietary needs. Lodging is newer but rustic. Steamboat Springs is the closest regional airport, with Denver and Salt Lake City offering more flight options and scenic drives to the ranch. Many of our guests choose to include a ranch stay while taking a road trip to tour national parks in the west.

If you are looking for more ranch – less resort, remote but with internet connection, riding for a purpose – not head to tail, home-cooked meals but not gourmet, entertainment by nature and not networks — then check us out. We think you’ll find what you are looking for!

Focus Ranch

74320 Routt County Road 129
Slater, CO 81653