Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

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Whether on horseback or hiking you will enjoy some of the most beautiful, untouched country in America and learn about some incredible history at Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch! ( You can visit pit houses and cliff dwellings once occupied by the Mimbres people of 750-1150 AD, search for pottery shards and arrowheads left behind and see pictographs painted on the rock walls by these early people! This is also the land Geronimo was born and grew up in and where the Apaches once roamed.

We are a small ranch with a relaxed and personal atmosphere, located in the mountains in the beautiful Gila National Forest of SW New Mexico. Horseback riding here takes you through open meadows, tall ponderosa forests, up on high hills where the views go on forever across the 3.3 million acre National Forest, and down into deep canyons with sheer cliffs and crystal clear streams. We have wonderful gentle and responsive horses good for any ability to see it all by. The trails start at our backdoor and we have millions of acres to discover.

Our horses (mainly quarter horses and paints) are sweet and gentle. We have a good variety so we can meet your abilities. One of our guests made this comment, “We like everything about your ranch but we especially like the way your horses are loved and treated.” This is a real western adventure and you won’t find better riding anywhere!

Our main focus is on trail riding: seeing the beautiful scenery from horseback, and making this a special vacation for you. No lines or schedules here! You can ride as much as you want or not at all…. the choice is yours. Other activities that our guests enjoy are seeing 1,000 year old archeological sites right near the ranch, campfires at night (sometimes with s’mores and sing-a-longs!), fantastic stargazing, unguided hiking, outdoor and indoor games, roping lessons, photography, swimming in the creek, or just reading a good book on one of our bench swings.

Since we are in the mountains we have moderate temperatures all year round. One great bonus of living at this altitude is that we are almost bug free so it’s the perfect place for all outdoor activities. We have lots of sunshine with turquoise New Mexico skies that invite you to spend your time outside.

Our Ponderosa cabins nestled in the pines are comfortable and well-appointed with fireplaces, queen, twin and bunk beds, coffee maker, full bath/shower, sitting area, covered porches, and a cookie jar filled with homemade goodies. They are furnished in Native American style or Cowboy motif.

Our meals are taken in the dining room or outside on our picnic tables. Some of our popular dishes include steak cookout, grilled salmon or trout, pork tenderloin, chicken, tacos or enchiladas, BBQ ribs, garden fresh vegetables, New Mexican scrambled eggs, blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit and of course delicious desserts! We get many compliments on our fine dining and we can satisfy any dietary needs. We don’t have a liquor license but you are welcome to bring your own.

Come enjoy the extraordinary peacefulness Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch offers! You will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Geronimo Trail Guest Ranch

1 Wall Lake Rd.
Winston, NM 87943