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Born out of a love for travel, meaningful experiences and meeting new people, Global Family Travels was founded on the idea that, despite our different backgrounds or cultures, we are all connected.  Our family-friendly tours and customized travel packages are designed to bond our travelers with others across the globe through the discovery of both our differences and our commonalities.

Global Family Travels’ mission is to Learn, Serve and Immerse, using travel as a means to build cultural bridges and to foster global citizens.  Our partnerships with community-based organizations across the globe enables families to enjoy a unique mix of cultural and educational activities, homestays and service learning opportunities with host communities.

This powerful combination of learning, volunteering and immersive travel opportunities in each of our trips enables participants to benefit in profound ways, including personal growth and empowerment through service, expanded awareness of other cultures, and the strengthening of family bonds.


We believe the most powerful way to learn is through first-hand experience. We allow the country and its people to be our teachers. We supplement each traveler’s experiences with reading lists, informal discussions, and a pre-trip orientation, which includes information on the culture and history of the host country, helpful words and phrases and cultural “do’s and don’ts.”


Our trips bring families from different cultures together to learn from each other and to work side-by-side to effect positive change. This lends itself to the goal at the heart of our company – for us all to become better global citizens. We are committed to our core values of social and environmental ethics, and we believe the best way to foster these values future generations is to give them the gift of recognizing their place in the global community.


Global Family Travels’ trips offer plenty of opportunities to “do as the locals do,” and to become immersed in the local customs and culture of the communities we visit.  Several of our tours offer  home-stay programs, whereby you and your family will  learn what it means to be a local and understand the life of your host family.

Expect to expand your family circle when you embark on a Global Family Travels trip!

Global Family Travel’s network of experienced guides and exclusive itineraries offer participants safe access to life-changing cultural experiences, and the opportunity to strengthen family values and bonds while traveling. All of our itineraries feature educational sightseeing, cultural immersion, home stays with local families, service projects, and most importantly, fun activities designed to keep all ages happy and engaged.  Visit our website to learn more about our upcoming trips:

Also, be sure to check out our new Transformative Travel Plus program – a year-long intercultural program for Seattle-area youth (age 10-18) and their families to learn about international development challenges and expand their horizons through travel and service.  In 2017, TTP participants will cultivate deep bonds with Nicaraguan youth through sustained virtual connections, a home stay, and working together on community projects to effect positive change.

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