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Who We Are

Since 1937 Iceland Travel has been the leading travel company, tour operator and destination management company (DMC) in Iceland, offering top-quality services. Iceland Travel has many years of experience working with families and multi-generational travelers, and we enjoy sharing our passion and extensive knowledge about Iceland.

Why Iceland?

Icelandic society is very family-oriented, with a focus on outdoor fun and services for children. This makes it a truly welcoming destination for families. In addition, Iceland is a very peaceful country with one of the world’s highest standards of living. Almost everyone speaks English, and Icelanders enjoy meeting people from other countries. The unique landscape, nature and culture are a perfect way to blend fun and education into a family trip. Iceland is also surprisingly close to North America, with direct flying times about 5-6 hours from the U.S. Northeast/Eastern Canada, 6- 8 hours from the Central U.S. and the South, and 7-9 hours from the Pacific Coast. Iceland’s climate is also mild considering its northern location; it is a destination that families can enjoy year-round. Each season has something special to offer visitors.

What We Offer

Iceland Travel takes great pride in our diverse products for families and multi-generational travelers such as self-drive holidays, day tours, escorted tours and tailor-made vacations. Our packages offer good value and focus on great experiences for families of all ages to enjoy time together

Our active product development is built on cooperation with our licensed suppliers, on feedback from clients and guests and on ever-changing new trends. Many of our supplier partners are family-owned companies and local experts who place an emphasis on educational and high-quality experiences. Our dedicated, hand-picked team are passionate about what they do and are constantly coming up with innovative ideas. Many of them are parents and know the best options to recommend for families. We have the expertise and flexibility to service a wide variety of clients. In addition, we appreciate that the success of our long running existence is based on our respect for the delicate and unique Icelandic nature. Our commitment to the environment includes ISO 14001 certification, as well as a Gold-Class Environmental designation in VAKINN, the quality label of Icelandic tourism.

Iceland Travel is a subsidiary of Icelandair group, which owns and operates profitable and dynamic travel and transport companies delivering safe, reliable and convenient services.

How We Can Work Together

By effectively combining your passion and our expertise we can create an unforgettable travel experience for families. Our travel and service portfolio includes the following:

  • FIT / Individual travelers
  • Luxury Travel with our Nine Worlds division
  • Shore Excursions and Cruise Services

We are eager to help you plan your travel arrangements. If you have questions, please contact us.