Joy Alegria

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We only have a limited time with our children. The value of travel and family time is more enriching to them and to your relationship than buying “things”. “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Author Unknown

Traveling will not only create more memories, but will build confidence in your children, challenge them and expand their world perspective. My family has been to all 5 islands in Hawaii, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Studios Florida, Savannah, GA, Myrtle Beach, SC, Costa Rica, Australia, New York City and we’ve taken a 10-day history tour of the East Coast starting in Boston, MA and ending in Williamsburg, VA. Every year we take at least 1 ski trip and visit at least 1 national park. So far, we have visited Yellowstone National Park, Olympic National Park, Crater Lake National Park and Volcano National Park. My husband and son have also visited Yosemite.

I have been dreaming about and planning travel with my children since my oldest son was born. I have future trips planned through the time my daughter graduates high school in 2026. Our window of time with our children is so small, let me help you create these perfect memories with your children.