Kids Love Greece, LLC

Go to All Members provides travel planning services to those families who wish to travel to Greece. Specifically, it targets those parents who wish to visit Greece but want to stay away from any ‘tourist traps’.

The website of provides in-depth information about the most kid-friendly things to do and places to visit while in Greece. Although the headquarters of is in the US (Boston), its travel consultants are based in Greece, all ready to help families build their customized trip to Greece.

Once you send an request for travel advice, the team behind will contact you and review your travel needs. Then, you will receive recommendations for the best places to visit (in Athens, mainland as well as islands), kid-friendly guided tours to the main archaeological sites and museums, activities such as sailing, cooking classes/ tours as well as family friendly accommodation. Families whose children are passionate about Greek history and mythology will find all recommendations invaluable.