Kids Sea Camp & Family Dive Adventures

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A place to learn, a place to grow as a family.
A place to bond, a place to make new friends.
A place to become a better safer diver.
A place to remember and enjoy forever.
Welcome to Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures

In 2000, Margo Peyton, decided to combine fun, safety and education in conjunction with PADI dive programs for kids. She also wanted to create an equally relaxing and enjoyable dive vacation with built-in private time for adults. Kids Sea Camp was born that year and has been growing and thriving fifteen years later.

Our diving events are hosted at family friendly PADI dive dedicated resorts in St. Lucia, Bonaire, Utila, Grand Cayman, Fiji, Yap, Palau, Galapagos, Australia and Costa Rica.

We specialize our dive training with conservative ratios of instructors and kids, up to date kids gear, kids age appropriate courses, such as SASY, for kids age 4-7 and PADI Seal Team for kids age 8 and up, PADI Jr. Certification for kids age 10-14, and PADI open water for kids and adults age 15+, Advanced open water, and many specialty courses like Digital Photo, DPV, Boat Diver, Wreck Diver, Adventure Diver, Dive Master and Assistant Dive Instructor. Kids Sea Camp teaches through experiences with our hands-on programs about the ocean.

This is a complete family adventure, designed to give every family member the ultimate experience of a lifetime. Meeting other families from around the world, learning about oceans, as well as building a common thread of love and protection our oceans.


I thank you for believing in teaching kids to dive and learn about our underwater world. They are our future. Children hold all our tomorrows in their hands today. I believe its important to share our love for the underwater world and let them experience, enjoy and explore. We need to encourage and protect our kids, but most of all let them grow strong, brave and become wise. For they alone will carry the weight of all we leave behind.

I thank you for sharing your family with mine.
“Let’s give them a week they will remember forever.”

President and founder of Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures
Margo Peyton