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Macaroni Kid is a hyper-local, community focused media brand that reaches active families across the country. Our 550 weekly editions serve more than 5,000 communities and 2,000,000 families, and each one is published by a mom who lives and raises her family in her community.

Our travel edition, Macaroni Kid Family Travel, is a national e-newsletter that reaches more than 1,000,000 traveling families each month – the single largest family travel e-newsletter in the nation.

Each issue features articles centered around the monthly theme, as well as community spotlights, family gear highlights and trends.

We rely on our PR friends and partners to keep us in the loop on all the great things happening with their clients, so please feel free to pitch as appropriate. And, we have five writers who love to get out and experience the destinations we cover, so invites are always welcome.

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