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MedjetAssist: Experience travel like never before with travel protection like you’ve never seen.

MedjetAssist offers the most comprehensive travel protection membership options available for your health, safety and security. Now travelers can explore the world more fully and more confidently than ever before.

For travelers who want to experience the world in the fullest way — from elite vacationers to spirited adventurers to committed cause supporters — MedjetAssist is the one travel protection program that provides the most comprehensive membership options for medical, security and crisis response. From the renowned health and medical benefits of a Classic Medjet membership to Medjet Horizon, the world’s most comprehensive health, security and crisis response membership program for travelers, MedjetAssist provides a complete answer to travel protection.

Classic Medjet Membership: Be prepared if a medical emergency interrupts your next trip. As a Medjet member, if you become hospitalized more than 150 miles from home and meet transport criteria, Medjet will arrange air-medical transfer to the hospital of your choice within your home country at no additional cost. All you pay is the membership fee.

Medjet Horizon Membership: Your health, safety and security — it’s all here with Medjet Horizon. If the unexpected happens, our members can call for help in more situations, because Medjet Horizon provides the most comprehensive travel protection available.

Medjet Horizon includes all the renowned healthcare and air medical transport benefits of the Classic Medjet membership, plus:

  • Travel Security and Crisis Response
      • Political Threat
      • Disappearance
      • Violent Crime
      • Blackmail & Extortion
      • Terrorism
      • Wrongful Detention
      • Hijacking
      • Kidnap for Ransom
  • Ground Ambulance Transfer
  • Specialty Hospital Transfer
  • Personal Travel Advisories

Members of the Family Travel Association receive discounted annual rates starting at only $255 on MedjetAssist memberships. To learn more and enroll, visit or call 800.527.7478. Mention Family Travel Association when calling.


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