Offshore Outpost Expeditions

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Offshore Outpost Expeditions bridges the gap between adventure cruises and yacht charters, which we call Adventure Yachting. With a maximum of 12 guests each week and 8 crew members, families can fully immerse themselves in the destination and experience unparalleled personalized service. The six staterooms can be booked individually for smaller family groups, and the ship is also an ideal home for larger families for full boat charters. With all activities onboard, including sportfishing, kayaks, snorkeling equipment and stand-up paddle boards, as well as four tenders, your family’s week-long trip can be personalized, letting you truly “choose your own adventure.” Add the fresh local cuisine (and Big Green Egg!), two open bars where our bartender creates craft cocktails, curated wine list, incredibly comfortable accommodations, shared spaces and jacuzzi, not only is the ultimate adventure provided, but also complete relaxation. Craft cocktails include a “choose your own margarita” bar, a nightcap made with glacial ice taken directly from an Alaska glacier and our bartender’s happy hour drink of the day. Stateroom accommodations can be configured as either as a single king bed or two twin beds, and each room has its own en suite bathroom. Rooms are among the most spacious in the industry at 180 sq. ft., and have oversized windows to observe stunning changing landscapes every day. Our week-long trips in Prince William Sound, Alaska escape the crowds of adventure cruises in Southeast Alaska. Our expeditions in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez offer an experience with waters like the Caribbean, steep red rock cliffs and mangroves, ideal for families seeking warmer climates. From hiking in remote areas to having the fish you caught in the morning prepared for dinner by our professional chef and sharing it with your familly, we simply provide the most unique, authentic family experience possible.

Families enjoy observing wildlife in its natural habitat as a primary source of entertainment. Unlike television, it’s always a good show. In the Sea of Cortez, swim alongside whale sharks, catch local game fish, swim with sea lions, and hop in the water with snorkel gear only to look down and see thousands of tropical fish and manta rays. The fresh culinary delights created by our professional chef are sure to leave you feeling “wowed”, as will the feeling you get while stargazing and taking in the sunset from the 7-person jacuzzi. Alaska is similar, because it always provides. From seeing killer whales and bubble net feeding humpback whales, to massive glaciers calving, each day provides sights unlike any other. Beyond that, the nature of ecology in Alaska provides an in-depth way to not only see wildlife up close, including grizzly bears and bald eagles, but the cycle of nature with the salmon running up rivers fascinates.

Families leave already talking about planning their next excursion with us. The personalized nature of the trips, as well as the operation itself, have received tremendous feedback and reviews. It has been called “the best trip of my life” by just about every guest, and guests feel that everything over the course of the week is a highlight, from the food and the accommodations, to the crew operating the ship. For more insight, read the reviews themselves at!