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Raising Nomads is a full service travel agency with a focus on families. We are also a travel community where families can share tips and itineraries about travel. Check out our Fcaebook page for details. As an agency, we provide everything you need for a fun, exciting, relaxing vacation!!!!! If you’re traveling with toddlers or preteens, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Raising Nomads Travel has everything you need to get started on your vacation- and more! We tailor our vacations with services that make traveling easier for you and your mini me. Need a box of diapers delivered to your hotel room before you arrive? We’ve got it! Want snacks or toys to take on the plane for your little one but don’t want the bulky diaper bag? We’ll get it to you! Our Young Nomads Travel kit is filled with all you and your small wanderer need for the beginning of your journey. We partner with others for services like stroller delivery and car seat rental. As the owner, my husband and i travel often with our two toddlers and we have friends all over the globe. I’m often able to give clients a more authentic experience at their destination by connecting them with the info I have personally about that destination or offering to connect them with friends who live there.