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For one, S i Vacations is a family based company. The founder is me, Jag Uppal, a devoted family man, married to my lovely wife Aman. Together we have two adorable children, Sofia and Ishaan. The “S” and “I” are the initials of our children!

Together with my parents, Rashpal and Gian, we’ve traveled the world. And now that mom and dad are getting to retirement age, they’re ready to travel more and visit places we haven’t seen yet.

Being of Indian ancestry, we enjoy world travel where we get to discover different cultures and destinations. My expertise allows me (through my many connections) to coordinate, plan and develop custom itineraries that allow our guests to experience their vacation worry-free.

The S i V team consists of Travel Consultants that are here to help you every step of the way, whether it’s a wedding, honeymoon, family trip and a retirement getaway, we hope to be your travel planners for many years to come.

Contact the SiVTeam at (855) 700-0748 and let our expertise be your guide to a great vacation.

S i Vacations

1756 Windrush Lane
Roseville, CA 95747

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