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For almost fourteen years The Clear Creek Group has offered luxury rental homes, caretaking, asset management, concierge, and real estate brokerage services to families who visit Jackson Hole. Their qualified staff takes care of everything, from finding or maintaining that magical house in the arms of the mountains, to the fire in the fireplace and the lift tickets on the table, so when guests arrive, there’s nothing to do but celebrate being in Jackson Hole.

The Clear Creek Group believes that nurturing strong relationships with every client, relationships grounded in performance, conversation and trust, should be the unwavering focus of the company.

Villa Rentals

The Clear Creek Group has more than 70 distinctive vacation homes, ranging from one-bedroom cabins to seven-bedroom villas set in the stunning, natural beauty of Jackson Hole, with access to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park.  Some of the most extraordinary fly-fishing in the United States can be found in nearby, pristine waters, most notably, the Snake River. And the valley is home to one of the best ski mountains on the continent. The Clear Creek Group offers full concierge services, and they assist their guests in planning their family’s vacations from beginning to end.  Let them make your dream a reality.


Summer in Jackson Hole is a dreamland for adults and children alike. The days are warm, gilded with sun, long as a river. Shady forests beckon; clear streams tumble along, trails switchback towards the sky. Summer in Wyoming is about spending as much time as possible out-of-doors. And there is so much for families to do, so much to see.

In the winter, there is no place in the world like Jackson Hole. It is a sublime season, the air so clean and fine it sparkles. Winter is a fresh page in Wyoming, inscribed with the calligraphy of ski trails and snowshoe tracks, and the endless, magical white of unbroken terrain. Out here in winter, your family will come alive.

The Clear Creek Group concierge service can arrange everything for its clients, so all they have to think about is fun.

The Clear Creek Group

120 West Pearl Avenue, Suite A
Jackson, WY 83001