The Golden Dolphin Estate

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Inspired by the life of Ernest Hemingway, this massively bold but yet elegant estate offers its guests the privacy and freedom of their own tropical Caribbean island hideaway. Set upon a hill overlooking Cabrera and the sea, it sits proudly on one hundred acres of lush paradise, and comforts you with the finest things your heart could desire. Having been referred to as a sanctuary, and described as the Garden of Eden, we invite you to experience all this and so much more with us here at the Golden Dolphin Estate Winery.

Comforted by tropical breezes, cooler temperatures and no annoying insects due to our location up on the hill, guests can enjoy six exceptional suites, a massive dining and living area, all surrounded by outside seating areas with views like no other. Here you will find a spa, a Jacuzzi, two in ground pools, one with ocean views and a fully stocked bar.

The beauty of this property itself is amazing. Everywhere you look you will see gorgeous tropical and vibrant foliage, palms flowing in the breeze and a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean and the town of Cabrera. Those lucky enough to be here in season can even witness whales breaching from the front porch as well as the cruise ships passing by every week.
With two villas on the property, the main estate and the pool house, it totals more than 17,000 square feet of living space. There is more than enough elbow room for even the largest family’s dream getaway or a baseball spring training camp.

Your privacy and safety are never an issue here, as a massive and unique rock wall encapsulates the entire property, with security staff at the gated entrance twenty-four hours a day.

The Golden Dolphin Estate

Golden Dolphin S/N
Cabrera, Maria Trinidad Sanchez
Dominican Republic