Thomson Family Adventures

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Thomson Family Adventures creates one-of-a-kind, high quality adventures to engage, entertain and educate families with children of all ages. We create family trips because as parents we want to visit fun, interesting places with our children where we feel safe and welcome.

Our adventures to the most engaging, culturally and geographically diverse regions of the world are sure to delight parents, grandparents and children. Our total focus on families — matching similar age children in travel groups and our pen pal, rafiki and discovery challenge programs — set Thomson apart as the best company for family adventure.

Guided by local partners who know, love and respect the heritage of their countries — our adventures are a personal odyssey. From trekking across the Moroccan highlands and visiting the great temples of Egypt, to zip-lining through the Costa Rican rainforest, Thomson Family Adventures creates unforgettable, lifelong memories.

Traveling with Thomson Family Adventures helps to support the people and countries that we visit. By mandating that our in country partners pay a good and fair wage to those who work with them, we support educational and economic opportunities and help to elevate their standard of living. The economic stability afforded by a living wage allows your guides, drivers & mentors the freedom to more fully appreciate and focus on the preservation of their natural and cultural heritage. Together we are making the world a better place!