Vee Bar Guest Ranch

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The Vee Bar Guest Ranch is nestled in the valley of the Snowy Range Mountains, home of the Medicine Bow National Forest. It’s easy to get to the ranch, located 25 miles west of Laramie, Wyoming, and almost three hours north and west of Denver, Colorado. Guests will experience true western hospitality at its finest, arriving as strangers and leaving as family.

The Vee Bar is open year-round, operating as an all-inclusive summer guest ranch, and as a bed and breakfast with activities the rest of the year. Packages are available year-round to include horseback riding, horse-drawn wagon rides, and much more. The Vee Bar is conveniently located near the Snowy Range Ski Area, and next to thousands of miles of snowmobile trails in the Medicine Bow National Forest, making the area a winter sports haven.

The Vee Bar Guest Ranch is family-owned and operated, now with four generations living on or near the ranch. Activities are designed for families, whether it is a horseback ride across the Vee Bar Meadows, a hike through the Snowy Range Mountains, or the overnight campout. While there are opportunities to do separate activities, the Vee Bar’s main goal is to provide as much as possible that families can do together. The ranch has a variety of activities suitable for children. The terrain is safe and lends itself very well to the creative play that kids enjoy. The lawn in front of the lodge is enormous for games of kickball, tag, and much more. Kids also enjoy the swing set, teepee, and horseshoe pits in the lawn in front of the lodge. The John Wayne Saloon (kids welcome) is full of puzzles, board games, a juke box, and a pool table. Kids age six years and older can ride on the trails with everybody else. Great care is taken to make sure they have a fun, safe time. Our kid-friendly wranglers are very knowledgeable and they are horse-safety certified. The wranglers make sure kids have the opportunity to advance at a pace suitable to their skills and abilities. Kids younger than age six can enjoy lead-around horseback rides before and after the main rides go out. All of the guests have the opportunity to learn about horse/animal care. There are two miniature burrows, goats, and chickens, and they are perfect for younger kids to help feed and care for! Kids and adults are welcome to spend as much time at the barn as they want! The team of wranglers are happy to show anyone how to groom and saddle horses. There are also some roping-dummies at the barn where people of all ages can try their skills with a rope from the back of a wooden horse.

During the summer guest ranch season (June-August) your all-inclusive stay at the Vee Bar will include horseback riding, riding instruction, your own horse for the week, cattle work, team-penning with cattle, river tubing, archery, fly fishing, hiking, camp cook-outs by the fire, hay wagon rides, entertainment by musicians and so much more. This is in addition to three delicious meals a day and your own private cabin on the banks of the Little Laramie River.

The Vee Bar’s horseback riding program is second to none, and one of the qualities that set us apart from other ranches, according to guests who have been here in the past. The terrain varies greatly and we do not ride nose to tail. Loping rides are offered for those who are comfortable. Regardless of horseback riding experience, the riding is designed to be progressive throughout the week and offers guests opportunities to excel with their horses.

Another quality that sets the Vee Bar apart is the relationship that guests establish with the Kilmer and Cole Families, as well as other guests. With a guest capacity of 30 people, there is plenty of room for personal attention. The Vee Bar staff prides itself in being as flexible as possible to accommodate everybody in the group. The Kilmer and Cole Families have operated the Vee Bar since 1994. The friendships that guests establish with staff and other guests often last a lifetime! The Vee Bar can take one back in history, and although the walls don’t actually talk, they do tell stories of days gone by—when the pace was just a little slower and life was just a little less complicated. Come live the western lifestyle for a week at the Vee Bar!

Vee Bar Guest Ranch

38 Vee Bar Ranch Road
Laramie, WY 82070