Missing School for a Family Vacation?

Missing School for a Family Vacation?

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Here’s how your child can stay on top of his homework while you’re away.

Balancing family time with your child’s education is tricky. It can be really tempting to pull your child out of school for a vacation, especially if she’s getting great grades. Let’s face it: going to popular family destinations can be a lot cheaper when school’s in session. So much so, that you may not be able to swing it otherwise. Plus, the thinner crowds and shorter waits at attractions and restaurants can make the difference between a mega memory and just another trip.

Elin Janssen, a mom of two in Baldwin, NY, had mixed feelings. She wasn’t too worried about her daughter, only in kindergarten at the time. But her third-grade son had a much harder work load. “I knew it wasn’t ideal to pull Matt out of school for three days for our five-day vacation. But the timing just wasn’t going to work out any other way,” she recalls. Once they arrived, she started to worry she’d made the wrong decision. But her husband had a different take. “A year from now, what is still going to matter? Having this time together, or three missed days of school?” Now she sees his point. “We had an amazing time. And Matt’s grades never took a hit.”

Of course, you need to consider your child’s individual needs carefully. If you do decide to pull him out, though, you’ll need a plan in place so that he doesn’t fall behind academically. And it should start well before you pack.

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