New Year, New Opportunities to Grow Your Family Travel Business

New Year, New Opportunities to Grow Your Family Travel Business

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Happy New Year!

As we step into 2019, we want to remind you of all the ways that you can communicate with your fellow FTA members and gain the added reach of families who engage with the FTA through our full complement of communications and events.

We want the coming year to be your best yet, with coordinated campaigns through our various channels to reach your ideal partners and clients. So here is a reminder of the multiple ways we can help you connect and expand your family travel network:

Email member communications

We regularly email our members about what’s happening with the FTA and its members. There are a number of communication tools you can take advantage of in 2019 to promote what you’re doing.

FTA Advantages

Our monthly email for you to make a special offer to our members, linking directly to your website or digital platform where they can access more information about the promotion and your services.

Bi-weekly Newsletter

While we are always on the lookout for news about you, we encourage you to contact us direclty. Are you adding a new kid’s program, going on a fantastic trip, have a family travel blog post covering our industry in a novel way? Let your PR and marketing teams know that they can email us (, or reach out through the FTA Facebook Messenger chat feature.

Social Media

Our Facebook page is rapidly becoming the industry’s top site for family travel news and dialogue. In 2018, we launched our Instagram handle, and are looking forward to including more of you on that platform through our new Social Media Takeover program.

FTA Links

Nearly 200 members are interacting with each other on the main FTA -Links Facebook Group, closed to only FTA Members. Members are posting questions about destinations and services they need to assist their clients. Media and travel agent FAM trips are being planned and promoted, while industry specific dialogues are informing members on topical issues.

We also have two groups specifically for Travel Advisors and our Media Center members, which we will use in 2019 for expanding conversations to Facebook Live videos and other engaging member-only discussions. FTA Links – Agents Only and FTA Links – Media Only are waiting for you. If you are not yet a member, just request approval now.


As we have in years past, the FTA will be the official sponsor of the Family Travel Pavilion at the 2019 New York Times Travel Show, Friday, January 25 through Sunday, January 27, allowing our members to raise their visibility within the industry, and with the more than 30,000 consumers who attend the weekend consumer days.

Last year, FTA hosted a number of Media and Agent FAM Trips that connected our destinations, suppliers and members in a powerful and personal way.

And of course, the annual jewel in our crown is the FTA Summit, heading into its fifth year. The feedback from the 2018 Summit in Bermuda tells us that this has become the premier event for our industry, and we hope to see you in South Dakota this October 21-24.

Family Travel Radio

Last October, the Family Travel Association (FTA) launched Family Travel Radio, a podcast designed to help parents discover what’s possible when it comes to traveling with their children.

Hosted by podcasting veteran Aaron Schlein, who has produced nearly 100 episodes of two existing podcasts, Dramatic Travels Family and Dramatic Travels Entrepreneurs. During that time, Aaron has interviewed a variety of travel experts including family travel

Aaron is currently building his 2019 editorial calendar for interview subjects, and is putting the word out with our members to set up time to talk about participating.

Aaron’s most recent podcast is all about helping families overcome obstacles that rise from one or more members having special needs. He interviewed Cory Lee, diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at the age of two, and his mother Sandy. Doctors told Sandy that Cory would never walk, but that didn’t stop this family.

Cory and Sandy have visited six continents together, and while it may be difficult at times, they’re determined to show others that anything is possible with enough determination through their social media and an award-winning accessible travel blog Curb Free with Cory Lee. Sandy recently launched her own blog called My Sandy Trail.

Do you have stories about clients or your business that will help inspire families to “Discover the Possibilities” they might otherwise overlook? Let Aaron know.

So what’s stopping you? Start engaging now. We want to hear from you in 2019

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