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FTA Rolls Out Some New Member Advantages

Week of November 16, 2015

This is the newsletter of the Family Travel Association, a new coalition of leading family travel experts, media and companies coming together to create an industry voice that will transform the way families travel — charting a path for future generations of travelers.


Family Travel Association News

FTA Advantages, Special Benefits for FTA Members, Has Launched

Last week, we sent out our first FTA Advantages alert. FTA Advantages are special offers reserved only for Family Travel Association members. They’re one way the FTA continues to leverage the strength of our network to provide benefits and opportunities that help strengthen our members' companies – and ultimately the industry as a whole. Our first Advantages were offered by the likes of NXGEN Payment Services, Macaroni Kid and the Boston Globe & Philadelphia Inquirer travel shows.

FTA Advantages
Have you thought about becoming an FTA Member? Check out some of the membership benefits and reach out to us if you're interested in joining our ranks.

Jeff Ment, Travel Attorney, Joins FTA Board of Advisors

Jeff Ment
The FTA is excited to welcome Jeff Ment to our Board of Advisors. For more than 20 years, Jeff, now a partner at Rome McGuigan, P.C., has represented companies and individuals in the travel industry. His experiences range from helping form new companies to defending companies in litigation. Jeff focuses on helping ensure that his clients are always ahead of the curve – following the best practices of our industry. This includes risk management, documentation, vendor selection, tour director training and insurance coverage. Jeff relies on his experience as a travel agent, sales manager for two airlines and work as a tour guide to understand what his clients need most.

Family Travel Association Membership

The Family Travel Association membership base continues to expand, drawing in new associations, media outlets, destinations, tour operators, corporate entities, cruise lines, lodgings and travel specialists.

Who Are Our Newest Members?

"As a company that has been helping families during medical mishaps while traveling since 1991, Medjet believes in helping the Family Travel Association bring together information and resources to encourage families to experience the wonders of global travel. Whether your family is traveling for vacation, business, relief efforts or mission projects, Medjet encourages you to travel safely and with the peace of mind that proper protection affords."
– Thomas Brooks, Senior Sales Director, MedjetAssist
FTA Member: Dude Ranchers' Association
Dude Ranchers' Association
"The Family Travel Association is amazing. They are connecting all types of family travel experts in a way that has not been done before. We feel the networking opportunities they coordinate are priceless for all of us in this niche market of family travel!!!!"
– Colleen Hodson, Executive Director, Dude Ranchers' Association
Quivertree Family Expeditions
Quivertree Family Expeditions
"We're thrilled to join the Family Travel Association! We are all about family travel. We've always believed that seeing the world and exploring different cultures with and through our kids has made these experiences far more exciting and rewarding. We're happy to share our ideas and learn from others in the FTA."
– Philip Nurick, Co-founder, Quivertree Family Expeditions

Family Travel Association Member News

New Details of Cobra's Curse Revealed from Busch Gardens® Tampa

Busch Gardens® Tampa has provided new details about the latest thrill ride project coming in 2016, including a detailed model revealed at the International Amusement Parks and Attractions show in Orlando. Cobra’s Curse™ will be the only ride of its kind in the world: a family roller coaster with freely spinning ride vehicles and a 70-foot vertical lift.

Cobra's Curse, Busch Gardens

MSC Cruises Partners with Cirque de Soleil

In a first at sea, MSC Cruises and Cirque du Soleil have teamed up to create brand new shows exclusively for MSC Cruises guests aboard the cruise line's next-generation Meraviglia ships. The shows will be seen in a multi-million dollar entertainment and dining venue, custom designed specifically for the Cirque du Soleil artists and MSC Cruises guests. Family-friendly shows will be performed six nights a week, two performances per night, in the 450-seat Aft lounge, which will also feature a 200-seat dining area so that guests can enjoy an exquisite dinner or drinks before the performance.

MSC Cruises Partners with Cirque de Soleil

SeaWorld Announces End of Orca Shows at San Diego Park

SeaWorld Entertainment announced Monday that it would phase out its controversial killer whale show at its San Diego park, bowing to mounting pressure from animal rights activists. "We are listening to our guests, we're evolving as a company, so in 2017 we will launch an all-new orca experience," Joel Manby, SeaWorld's president and CEO, said. The theatrical shows will be replaced with "a conservation message," the company said. It remained unclear what the plan was for SeaWorld parks in Florida and Texas.


Family Travel Industry News

Travel in an Age of High Anxiety

In a Huffington Post Travel article acknowledging the security-conscious times in which we live, Roger Dow, President and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association, has written an appeal to all travelers to keep on traveling, but to do with an awareness of how to do so safely.

U.S. Travel Association

A Couple of U.S. News & World Report Family Travel Lists

Multigenerational travel is hot in the news. Given the changing seasons, so are winter escapes. U.S. News & World Report has just published a couple of family-focuses lists on these newsy topics: 5 Family-Friendly Winter Escapes in the Pacific Northwest and Top 5 Multigenerational Vacations for Every Budget.

Top 5 Multigenerational Vacations for Every Budget

Aussie Family Saving 60% of its Income Traveling the World

Caius and Mia Bender are some of the most well-traveled young children in the world. At five and six years old, the siblings have visited 64 countries in the past three years. How? Mom and dad took their lives, businesses and kids on the road and, three and a half years later, are still happily traveling together, saving a lot of money along the way.

Aussie Family Saving 60% of its Income Traveling the World

Family Holidays: 10 Places You Wouldn't Think to Take Your Family

Here's a solid list from the Telegraph of offbeat and unusual destinations for a family holiday, from beach breaks in Colombia and Zimbabwe, to museums in Manchester.

Family Holidays: 10 Places You Wouldn't Think to Take Your Family
Family Getaways

Other Industry Stories Through Travel Age West

As part of a collaboration with Travel Age West, we are sharing selected items of interest from their family travel news desk.

A Kid-Friendly Travel Guide to Cancun
Cancun, long-known for its party-hard image, has much to offer visiting families.

Hotels Cater to Millennials and Update Tech
Millennials and innovative technology rule the hotel industry as demand continues to increase.

The World's Most Spectacular Hiking Trails
Proof that it can be better to experience places such as Bhutan, Sweden, Argentina and more while on foot.
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