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Week of August 15, 2016

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Family Travel Association News

FTA Summit Breakout Session Topics Have Been Announced

Have you locked in your spot at the FTA Summit, October 23–26 in Tucson, Arizona?


Let us tempt you further with the breakout session topics:

  • The Influence of the Grandparent Effect
  • Marketing to Traveling Families
  • The Rise of Volunteer & Purpose/Impact Family Travel
  • Understanding Millennial Parents
  • The Continuing Evolution of the Sharing Economy
  • Curing Nature Deficit Disorder
  • Family Travel: A Global Perspective
  • The Changing Faces of Family Travel
  • What Dude Ranchers Can Teach the Travel Industry
  • TOUR is Not a Four-Letter Word.
If any of these topics excite you, let us know! We're still seeking speakers for some of them.
FTA Summit
Rainer Jenss

Industry Q&A: Rainer Jenss of the FTA

In a Q&A with TravelAge West, Rainer Jenss, President and Founder of FTA, provided insights into what agents should expect at this year’s summit – to which travel agents who specialize in family and multigenerational travel are enthusiastically invited – as well as dos and don'ts for booking family trips.

PADI and FTA Join Together to Broaden Travel

When it comes to bringing kids and parents together, there’s nothing quite like a family vacation to fashion new experiences and a lifetime of memories. And now we’ve agreed to work together with PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) to inspire families to travel the world and build lasting memories together.

MyPADI video of Rainer Jenss
“Our partnership with Family Travel Association is a testament to the importance we place on family travel, particularly because of the positive impact diving has on family chemistry and communication between parents and children. PADI is a family itself – made up of thousands of divers who range in age, interest and abilities – and we are committed to uniting all of our divers under a common desire of exploring all that the ocean has to offer. We hope that our partnership with FTA will strengthen family dynamics by inspiring more families to travel and dive together.”
– Kristin Valette, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, PADI Worldwide

Why Families Should Travel With a Purpose

From cruises like Fathom to impactful touring through A&K, the experiential travel trend has much to offer families. That’s what Ethan Gelber, FTA Editorial Director, shared thoughts about in the FTA’s latest column on TravelAge West.

Why Families Should Travel With a Purpose

You’re Invited to an FTA Happy Hour in NYC: August 25

Are you based in the Greater New York City area? Will you be around on the evening of Thursday, August 25? Please join us for a casual evening of networking and connecting with family-focused media, agents, operators, destinations, service providers and your friends at the FTA, all sponsored by Bread Finance. You never know who you might meet… and your first few rounds of beer or wine are on Bread Finance!

WHEN: Thursday, August 25th, 6-8 PM
WHERE: Porchlight Bar -, 271 Eleventh Avenue (between 27th & 28th Streets)
More details and RSVP here.

FTA Spotlight Shifts Its Focus to the Sharing Economy and Family Travel

At the current stage of our FTA Spotlight: Re/Defining Family campaign (download overview) we are searching for great resources about The Impact of the Sharing Economy on Family Travel.

FTA Spotlight

"Sharing" increases opportunities to travel, but also the demand for travel, especially among families. After all, the Sharing Economy allows families to travel more efficiently, comfortably, cost-effectively and socially. The new choices it's creating will continue pushing family travel forward.

Do you have strong feelings about this? We want to hear from you!

FTA Is Social - Share with Us

We’re busy on social media sharing about family travel. Join the conversation on Facebook (/familytravelassociation) and Twitter (@FamilyTravAssoc) and be sure to use the #familytravel hashtag!

Family Travel Association Membership

The Family Travel Association membership base continues to expand, drawing in new associations, media outlets, destinations, tour operators, corporate entities, cruise lines, lodgings and travel specialists.

Who Are Our Newest Members?

"We joined the FTA to introduce travelers to our three- and four-night cruises to the 'end of the world.' While we have a short season for most North American families, we are open to children of any age, and every year even have a 'Kids Free in December' program. Families of all sizes can bond away from the distractions of electronics and enjoy time hiking, going out in zodiac rides and enjoying pristine nature... including penguins!"
– Jane Behrend, Sales Manager
Club Med
Club Med
"Family travel has been an integral part of Club Med’s vacation concept, and with the rise of multigenerational travel, the diversity of activities provided at Club Med resorts makes it a seamless place for families to vacation with everything included in one price. We feel there is a natural synergy between Club Med and the Family Travel Association as we are dedicated to creating moments of happiness through travel."
– Sabrina Cendral, VP of Marketing and Digital for Club Med North America
Niagara Tourism and Convention Corporation
Niagara Tourism and Convention Corporation
"Niagara USA is proud to become a member of Family Travel Association. As an iconic destination that attracts many families, we support and applaud the mission of Family Travel Association to inspire families to travel as an essential part of every child’s education. We look forward to a lasting relationship to work together on promoting family travel that has a positive influence on all families."
– John Percy, President and CEO
Talking Stick Destination
Talking Stick Destination
"The Talking Stick Destination has quickly become one of Arizona's hottest entertainment hotspots and we are proud to be family friendly! We can't wait to show you all that we have in store! We would like to connect with you and be a part of your family travel adventures! Talking Stick... creating memories that stick with you."
– Blessing McAnlis-Vasquez, Marketing Manager
The New York Times Travel Show
The New York Times Travel Show
"We are thrilled to be working with the New York Times Travel Show on producing the first-ever standalone pavilion designed just for traveling families. This speaks volumes about how families are such an important segment for the industry that they are being recognized at one of the largest consumer travel trade shows in the country."
– Rainer Jenss, President, Family Travel Association
Visit Idaho
Visit Idaho
“Idaho shares the value and importance of taking family vacations and spending time together. Collectively we can inspire families to travel and enjoy the memories along the way.”
– Diane Norton, Idaho Tourism Manager

Family Travel Association Member News

“My PADI. My Ocean. My Hope” Showcases Diver Achievements

“My PADI. My Ocean. My Hope”
To commemorate its 50th anniversary and recognize divers, PADI is releasing short documentary videos entitled ‘My PADI. My Ocean. My Hope.’ They bring together stories of how diving is the foundation for transformation, human connection and purpose. One of the featured divers is FTA's Rainer Jenss!

What Kind of Trip Will Bring My Family Closer Together?

What Kind of Trip Will Bring My Family Closer Together?
For family travel planners, like Lost World, engaging and inclusive family vacations are quite difficult to pull off. Attention spans are challenged, teens miss friends and cell phone data, and everyone is in closer proximity than usual. Here are some tips and tricks to bring your family closer together.

Multigenerational Travel Tips – Your Stress Free(ish) Guide

Multigenerational Travel Tips – Your Stress Free(ish) Guide
The multigenerational travel trend is a growing phenomenon. Vagabond Tours isn’t surprised that Ireland is one the top five countries preferred by both Millennials and Baby Boomers, many wanting to spend valuable family time together. Here are their top tips on traveling as a multigenerational group.

The Alaska Experience: Risk or Real Life?

The Alaska Experience: Risk or Real Life?
Any wilderness experience includes some risk, especially in Alaska, where adventurous vacationers can combine wildlife and recreation to stretch their boundaries, including those of their children. But how far is too far for family visitors not accustomed to wildlife or weather, mountains or machines?

When Your Child Is the Travel Agent

When Your Child Is the Travel Agent
When did kids suddenly acquire travel planning skills? The times sure have changed. A 2015 survey of 540 parents for HomeAway, the vacation rental site, showed that millennial parents are more likely to let their children ages 6 to 18 pick a destination themselves, than children of older parents. It makes sense. Here’s why.

Big Five Tours & Expeditions Presents Precious Journeys® College Edition

Big Five Tours & Expeditions Presents Precious Journeys® College Edition
Big Five has launched new family-focused journeys, called Precious Journeys® College Edition. They offer the next steps for future leaders discovering their voices, talents and forms of expression. These adventures allow young adults to explore while still with their families.

Season Three of Family Travel with Colleen Kelly Premieres

Family Travel with Colleen Kelly
Family Travel with Colleen Kelly is premiering its third season in the Chicago area, with new episodes coming soon to the rest of the country. Destinations include the Wild Atlantic Way of Ireland; Panama City Beach, Florida; Pittsburgh; Amelia Island, Florida; and Frankenmuth.
Family Getaways

Family Travel Thoughts from the FTA Media Center

Read some of the latest writing from the experienced and knowledgeable voices in our Media Center.

How to Survive the Ultimate National Park Road Trip
Dave Parfitt shares how an RV road trip saved a lot on what they would have paid with a rental car, hotel rooms and restaurant meals.

RV Road Trip: After a Few Mistakes, a Family Revels in the Freedom of the Road
Heather Greenwood Davis explains how hitting the road in a motorhome offered her family complete freedom. But it wasn’t without its hiccups.

What Makes for Great Family-friendly Lodging on the Road?
Paige Conner Totaro posed road trip planning questions to some of her favorite family travel bloggers. Here’s what they had to say.

8 Road Trip Tips for Traveling with Young Children
TravelingMom offers road trip tips that aren’t just about the journey or the car ride, but helpful ideas about how to minimize meltdowns and frustration.

Family Travel Industry News

Traveling with Voluntary Kin: “She’s Like a Sister to Me”

Traveling with Voluntary Kin: “She’s Like a Sister to Me”
Voluntary kin are an often-overlooked type of family relationship that should be taken into consideration: people we think of as family but who are not related to us by biology or law. As these family relationships do exist, there are particular issues to keep in mind during group travel.

Family Travel: Seeing the World As It Truly Is

5 Ways to Make Travel Easier When Your Child Has Cancer
Have you ever wondered if travelers are educating their children about the world as it truly is. As adults, we know we can’t have light and beauty in the world without darkness. The key is to focus on the positive, while acknowledging and attempting to understand the negative.

The 8 Coolest Campgrounds for Families

The 8 Coolest Campgrounds for Families
Do you see people itching to plan an affordable adventure with the gang, looking to take their family camping for the first time? They can make the trip a success by booking a stay at a campground that will make kids' eyes pop. These kid-friendly spots are eight of the coolest campgrounds.

How to Pack for Travel with Kids

How to Pack for Travel with Kids
After dozens of family trips, months spent living out of a duffel with newborns and teenagers, and plenty of mistakes and mishaps, here’s what one Lonely Planet writer has learned about packing for a family. It’s everything parents need to know to pack like a pro for their next family trip.

Experts’ Advice on How to Make Trips with Kids Less Stressful

Experts’ Advice on How to Make Trips with Kids Less Stressful
Traveling with children, especially young ones, is stressful, so before departure on a family trip, parents must have realistic expectations. That can be the difference between a good trip and a bad one. Here’s some expert advice about how to make the most of family time while on the road.

Caution at Amusement Parks

Caution at Amusement Parks
Although amusement parks are not particularly hazardous and most injuries are minor, some rides are not amusing. Every year about 9,000 children under 14 get an extra ride – to the emergency room. Learn more from this travel doctor about caution at amusement parks.

Flying With Shrieking Children? Give Your Neighbors a Goody Bag

Flying With Shrieking Children? Give Your Neighbors a Goody Bag
No one loves shrieking children on planes or the parents who can’t or won’t quiet them. When a child yells in a cramped airplane, everyone just wants the noise to stop. Maybe parents traveling with small children can bring small gifts for their fellow passengers. A solution to the adult discord?

Tween Whining: How to Avoid It at the Airport

Tween Whining: How to Avoid it at the Airport
The airport can be an tough place at the best of times, but for tweens it’s even worse. Tweens are in a confusing spot – one foot in the child world that doesn’t feel quite right and one foot in the teen world that doesn’t feel quite right either. Here’s how parents can avoid tween whining at the airport.

The First Family Forest Fest Is in Oregon

The Next Family Forest Fest Is in Oregon
The Family Forest Fest was born out of a desire to camp with parents who have young children. Each weekend brings together families to explore nature, play on a farm, watch movies, go on moonlight walks and sleep under the stars. The next one is in mid-September near Portland, Oregon.
Family Getaways

Other Industry Stories Through TravelAge West

As part of a collaboration with TravelAge West, we are sharing selected items of interest from their family travel news desk.

10 of the Best Family Trips According to the Kids
Kids and teens share what they loved about their favorite family vacations.

Fathom's Cruise to the Dominican Republic With Kids
In the DR, cruising with a purpose results in meaningful family travel.

Family Vacation Ideas in Boise, Idaho
A thriving cultural scene, first-class recreation and spectacular food make Boise a family vacation hot spot.
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