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Week of November 23, 2015

Family safari in Africa. Photo courtesy of Austin Adventures

As an organization bringing together the leading suppliers, resources and experts that serve traveling families, we count among our members nearly a dozen tour operators committed to the best possible family-friendly African safari experiences.

You may never have thought of an African safari as a realistic vacation option for you and your family. You may have pondered it, but dismissed it as too complicated, dangerous or expensive. You may have leaped the first few hurdles and then been overwhelmed. Whatever the case, we invite you to reconsider it by reading about how some of our members have changed the way everyone should think about family safaris in Africa.

Family Safari in Africa

We're simply amazed at how they satisfy the interests and abilities of different age groups, especially when they travel together, sometimes three generations at a time, in challenging environments. Special consideration is taken and, usually, special products result reflecting an awareness of overlapping but distinct sensibilities. The best thing about the final products is how confident you can be of their quality and purposefulness – family-focused tours truly suited to multigenerational family groups.

Read what these tour operators have to say about different destinations in Africa, and the variety of accommodations, absorbing and fun activities, and planning and cost details they ponder when designing family safaris.

And if you're ready to take the next step, take a look below at the planning resources and sample trips some of them offer.

Thomson Family Adventures

Thomson Family Adventures

* Tanzania Family Safari
* Tanzania Active Safari for Families with Teens

Visit here for more about travel with Thomson Family Adventures.

Rothschild Safaris

Rothschild Safaris

* South Africa with a Twist 
* Kenya with a Twist: Your Family Safari Adventure

Visit here for more about travel to Africa with Rothschild Safaris, including country-specific information. For more about family travel, this page includes links to important planning considerations.

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel

* Tanzania Comfort Family Safari 
* South Africa Teenage Safari

Visit here for more about travel to Africa with Intrepid Travel, including further links to specific information about each destination country.


* Kenya Private Safari 
* Tanzania Private Safari

Visit here for more about travel to Africa with Monograms, including the ability to book hotels, air and excursions and more all in one place.

Austin Adventures

Austin Adventures

* Namibia Family Safari: Etosha to Sossusvlei 
* South Africa Family Safari: Cape Town to Limpopo

Visit here for more about travel to Africa with Austin Adventures, including advice about the best time to travel and how to prepare, as well as insider tips.

Aardvark Safaris

Aardvark Safaris

* Botswana's Family Highlights 
* Kenya Off the Beaten Track

Visit here for comprehensive information about travel to Africa with Aardvark Safaris. Also of interest is their safari suggestion wizard and a 64-page, full-color Insider's Guide to African Safaris that covers everything from accommodation in Africa to zebras along the Zambezi.

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