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Week of July 11, 2016

Ecotourism and Family Travel in Costa Rica
“Ecotourism is the heart of Costa Rica’s tourism sector,” says Alejandro Castro Alfaro, Director of Marketing for the Costa Rica Tourism Board. “The country takes pride in providing unique, safe and authentic experiences for visitors of all ages.”

After just a few hours in the country, this is abundantly clear. If you weren’t pre-sold on Costa Rica’s unique environmentally conscious tourism offering before you arrived, then you will certainly not remain indifferent to it once you’ve seen it firsthand.

The importance of sustainability in travel is no different when it comes to family travel in Costa Rica.

Ecotourism and Family Travel in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an astonishing diversity of plants and animals, changing landscapes — beaches, rainforests, rugged mountains and volcanoes — access to nature, well-established sports and adventure opportunities, quality accommodation at all budget levels, reliable transport and, generally speaking, it is safe.

What could be better for moms, dads, juniors and grands traveling in small groups or large ones in search of memorable nature-based experiences?

Here then are the valuable musings and products of expert, family-focused, sustainable tour companies and trip planners on hand to help you with your every need related to ecotourism and family travel in Costa Rica.

FTA Member - Costa Rica

Costa Rica

The Visit Costa Rica website has a list of all CST-certified properties, vendors and tour operators in the country.

FTA Member - Cayuga Collection

Cayuga Collection

* Arenas del Mar Resort
* Lapa Rios Ecolodge
* Finca Rosa Blanca

Visit here for more hotels in the Cayuga Collection. Also of interest: their Nature Family Adventures website and Family Mini-Guide of extraordinary getaways.

FTA Member - Costa Rica Monkey Tours

Costa Rica Monkey Tours

Visit here for sample trips with Costa Rica Monkey Tours or build a custom itinerary perfect for your family.

FTA Member - Costa Rican Vacations

Costa Rican Vacations

* Green Family Adventure
* Eco-friendly Costa Rica
* Rainforest Volunteer Day

Visit here for more family travel in Costa Rica with Costa Rican Vacations.

FTA Member - Il Viaggio Travel

Il Viaggio Travel

All family tours with Il Viaggio Travel are tailor made.

Visit here for more about family travel with Il Viaggio Travel. Also of interest: their family travel in Costa Rica blog and Costa Rica Family Travel community in Google+.

FTA Member - Thomson Family Adventures

Thomson Family Adventures

* Costa Rica Multi-Sport Adventure
* Costa Rica: Volcanoes & Beaches
* Costa Rica Teen Adventure

Visit here for more family trips in Costa Rica with Thomson Family Adventures.

FTA Member - Un-Cruise Adventures

Un-Cruise Adventures

* Uncharted Isthmus! Sloths, Monkeys & Mangroves

Visit here for more Un-Cruise Adventures in Costa Rica.

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