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Week of February 13, 2017

Family Travel and River Cruising
In keeping with growth in the cruise industry, the demand for river cruises also continues to be on the rise. Popular among travelers to whom large, ocean-going cruise ships are not appealing, river cruises promise smoother water, slower speeds and, especially in recent years, improved accommodation, food, on-board entertainment, and cultural activities and excursions.

The rising appeal of river cruising certainly holds true for family and multigenerational groups, too, who see in it all the advantages of all-inclusive resorts, matched with the liberating feeling of travel to multiple destinations. More and more river cruise lines are therefore offering special family-focused sailings and ships designed to meet the needs of vacationers of all ages and interests.

After all, the ease and comforts of river cruising are hard to deny. One big bonus is that you only have to unpack once while on vacation. Another is how effortless and uncomplicated trips are, often timed to summer and winter school breaks.

But, of course, care must be taken in making choices. Despite the well-deserved hoopla about river cruising, not all river cruises are created equal. And yet, once the research and review are past, and the decisions made, there’s nothing but smooth sailing for the entire clan.

Family Travel and River Cruising

To develop a well-balanced understanding of the buoying bliss of family travel and river cruising, we reached out to a collection of Family Travel Association members with strong knowledge of cruise experiences. Click above to read what they had to say.

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