Off-the-Beaten-Path Family Travel

Off-the-Beaten-Path Family Travel

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Off the beaten path — travelers all over the world increasingly talk about it and seek it out. But what is it? And, more critically, where is it? Does it really even exist (a modern Shangri-La) or is it more a state of mind? And is off-the-beaten-path family travel appropriate, in body and/or spirit, as more and more parents travel with their kids in search of powerful learning experiences anchored in pristine nature, “authentic culture” and opportunities for direct communication with people of foreign lands?

Off-the-beaten-path family travel in a boat in the Ibera Marshland of Argentina

Off-the-beaten-path family travel in a boat in the Ibera Marshland of Argentina. Photo courtesy of Say Hueque

With these questions in mind, I turned to the expert knowledge of more than a dozen of our Family Travel Association members and asked them to weigh in about off-the-beaten-path family travel. The response was enthusiastic.


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2 responses to “Off-the-Beaten-Path Family Travel”

  1. Laurie Sears Deppa says:

    Recently my 5-year old daughter and I took a three week trip through Cuba. We enjoyed our trip through Cuba most because of the families that hosted us. My daughter is not a native Spanish speaker (I am trying my best as a gringa) yet she would just approach kids anywhere and ask me to introduce her. My favorite thing is to bring a bag of lollipops from home that she can share no matter where we meet kids around the world. For us both, the most important part is the people of the place we are visiting. Be sure to meet some locals – that is the best way to get off the beaten path

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