On the Air: Announcing Family Travel Radio

On the Air: Announcing Family Travel Radio

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On October 1st, The Family Travel Association (FTA) will launch Family Travel Radio, a podcast designed to help parents discover what’s possible when it comes to traveling with their children.

Family Travel Radio will be hosted by podcasting veteran Aaron Schlein, who has produced nearly 100 episodes of two existing podcasts, Dramatic Travels Family and Dramatic Travels Entrepreneurs. During that time, Aaron has interviewed a variety of travel experts including family travel specialists Eric Stoen of Travel Babbo, Caroline Makepeace of yTravelBlog, and most recently, FTA founder Rainer Jenss.

Personally, Schlein is passionate about inspiring parents to travel with their children. “When I was a kid, I was lucky to have adults in my life who understood the value of travel. My grandmother, in particular, went out of her way to show me the world. Thanks to her, I visited 12 countries on four continents before my 18th birthday. She inspired my curiosity and passion for travel,” said Schlein.

Schlein plans to cover a wide range of topics on Family Travel Radio, including overcoming fear that limits exploration, the developmental benefits of travel, and transitioning to family travel for new parents, he said.

“Aaron’s personal experience and philosophy about the benefits of families exploring the world make him a perfect traveling companion on the FTA’s journey, which began four years ago,” said Jenss. “Our collaboration with Aaron affords our members the opportunity to engage deeper in the discussions the FTA seeks to promote, amplifies our message about the importance of family travel, and gives us one more communication channel for FTA members to have their voices heard.”

Listeners can subscribe by visiting: https://familytravel.org/podcast/, or any number of podcast tools, like CastBox and iTunes. The first episodes will feature family road trips, unique family tours, and emerging family destinations. Family travel professionals who want to share their expertise on Family Travel Radio may contact Rainer Jenss at rainer@familytravel.org.

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