One Thing You Must Do with Kids in Every U.S. State

One Thing You Must Do with Kids in Every U.S. State

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Ask anyone for the one thing you must do with kids in their state and you’ll quickly find that it’s like asking them to tell you which child is really their favorite. But, inspired by this HuffPost article, I pushed, asking friends, family, fellow travel bloggers and state visitors bureaus for that must-do experience to have with kids if you can only do one thing or spend time in one city.

As you’ll see from the list below, sometimes that one thing is a visit to a specific place, like Crater Lake in Oregon or the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas. Other times, the must-do is an activity, like fishing in Minnesota or maple sugaring in Vermont.

For each state, I could have picked five other must-do activities or places to visit, but in all, I think you’ll enjoy this bucket list of experiences to have with your kids in each state (plus Washington, DC, of course). Let me know what you think and what else is great in your state.

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