A Perfect Day in Sydney: Travel Like a Local

A Perfect Day in Sydney: Travel Like a Local

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In 2005, when I moved to Sydney, Australia, it took a while for me to feel settled. That was only natural; any new foreign resident to any new land undergoes a period of discovery that is both exciting and destabilising. On the way to feeling like a local, everything is thrillingly new; everything is also disruptively new.

Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and Opera House truly are great city emblems, beloved by both locals and visitors. Photo courtesy of Ethan Gelber

A general sense of deracination notwithstanding, I was very lucky to have a strong leader as I got my bearings. Shortly before arriving in Australia, I had married a lovely Sydneysider named Jane and was counting on all her home-field advantages to help me find my footing. I predictably got more than I bargained for. Not only did she translate sometimes harder-to-understand-than-expected Strine, she brought to life for me a city with far more than meets the eye. Which says a lot, because there’s already plenty to see.

As it has for many thousands of people before me, especially long-term visitors on working holiday visas, Sydney revealed more and more of its character to me through a very slow drip, as one would expect from any great urban centre. In keeping with its structure – it is more an assembly of discrete suburbs, each with its own (often banner-held-high) reputation, than it is a metropolis with a blend of neighbourhoods – I stumbled across its treats and its treasures one trove at a time.

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