Permission to Travel Letters and Why You Need Them

Permission to Travel Letters and Why You Need Them

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Adults traveling outside the U.S. with children under 18, other than their own, must have a Permission or Consent to Travel Letter from both of the minors’ guardians. The consent letter also covers a child traveling internationally with only one birth parent, one guardian, grandparents or other adults. This written and notarized Permission to Travel Letter from both birth parents, same sex couples, or legal guardians is required to enter many countries, even on a cruise ship’s shore excursions.

“In light of the Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriage,” comments a State Department official, “the two parent consent requirement for passport issuance, that all legal parents/guardians of a child, as determined by state law, must consent to passport issuance, remains the same. The validity of consent to travel letters meant for foreign countries or airlines is outside the scope of the State Department.”

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