Peter Greenberg Gives It to Us Straight

Peter Greenberg Gives It to Us Straight

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The FTA Spotlight featured a series of outstanding keynote presentations from industry experts and leading authorities on family travel. Peter Greenberg, a.k.a The Travel Detective and Travel Editor at CBS News started things off by giving us his professional take on what the next 5-6 months might look like for travelers (it’s not all bad news) and how we, as the industry, need to respond. Greenberg suggested we need to throw out the old playbook and seriously consider and adapt to how the market has changed since the pandemic began back in March.

Examples include:

  • Discounting alone won’t bring back travelers. Be competitive on value
  • Destinations are now being selected based on “new lifestyle choices”
  • When a crisis happens in travel, families tend to want to travel together. They just need a security blanket to alleviate their fears. So here is what travel companies need to really think about:
    1. Mitigate the fears, i.e. travel insurance & safety protocols
    2. Offer refunds
    3. Offer COVID testing. Don’t depend on vaccines alone
    4. Lobby the government to help our industry
  • Hotels need to become enablers. Get creative and get guests outdoors
  • Offer new ways for clients to finance their travels
  • Be transparent! No more asterisks
  • Regain trust!

“People want to travel. They just need to know they can”
– Peter Greenberg

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