Planning a Family Vacation in France

Planning a Family Vacation in France

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It’s expensive to travel internationally as a large family and though I want to encourage those with kids to travel together, I also understand if you want to wait till you feel the time is more ideal, especially if your kids are still very little. We don’t have family overseas that we can stay with or visit, we don’t even have friends who will host me and my kids, or to hang out with us and show us the best spots for local families. Like most people, we are winging it on a budget.

Now before I go ahead, I want to mention that I was on assignment with Expedia for part of my vacation with my family, so it was sort of work/vacation thing. I also want to mention that The Parking Spot and HomeAway were partners in our trip, but we use the parking service every time we travel on extended vacations and we had already picked our vacation rentals long before HomeAway became a partner. I want to make this clear to point out that the tips I share here are based on tips that have truly made our family travel experiences more affordable and manageable in the past.

In this post I will talk about the logistics of the trip, most of the things you should consider during the planning stages.

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