Recommend Magazine Survey: How travel agents are booking family travel

Recommend Magazine Survey: How travel agents are booking family travel

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Recommend Magazine is interested in learning how travel agents are booking family travel, how it has changed and grown over the last few years, and how niches within the general segment are changing how travel advisors sell this particular demographic.

That’s why Recommend is partnering with the FTA to better understand family traveler booking practices — especially what inspires families to travel and where they are headed both domestically and internationally.

FTA travel advisor members can access the survey through Dec. 21, 2018, by clicking here: As a special thank you, one (1) out of five (5) travel advisors will receive $50 gift certificates to Amazon for filling out the survey.

“Partnering with the FTA has been a tremendous opportunity as Recommend has gotten a better understanding of the family travel segment by speaking with travel advisors who are selling specialized family travel and by understanding how diverse family travel can be,” said Paloma Villaverde de Rico, Recommend Magazine Editor-in-Chief. “A vacation to Walt Disney World is great, no doubt, but there’s a world beyond Cinderella’s castle waiting for families of all stripes.”

“Helping professional travel advisors better understand the family travel market, and allowing them to benchmark their performance and strategy with other advisors is part of the value we strive to offer,” said FTA Founder and President, Rainer Jenss. “We’re encouraging all of our advisor members to participate in the survey so they can add to the collective knowledge and information our members need to succeed.”

Recommend Magazine’s total readership is 135,135 travel advisors, said Andrea Sper, Corporate Director of Marketing at Recommend, “the largest qualified publication readership of media providers in the travel trade industry. “Our readership is diverse and we have one of the largest number of advisors who book luxury as well as other categories such as cruise, all-inclusive resorts, family travel, beach vacations, and more.”

“Our travel advisor readers understand that family travel is a growing market segment that can bring exponential growth to their agency and the fun challenge comes in that one size does not fit all,” said Villaverde de Rico. “They understand that once they have a family as a client—and they exceed their expectations in service—that family will become a repeat client for life, with destination weddings, honeymoons, multi- and skip-gen travel opportunities, etc.”

Survey results will be released March 28, 2019, followed by a webinar with the Family Travel Association and travel advisors expert in the segment, at 1 pm EST. Advisors can reserve a spot on the webinar by registering here.

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