How to Be a Responsible Family Travel Champion: Top Tips

How to Be a Responsible Family Travel Champion: Top Tips

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This article is a supplement to our special focus on Family Travel and Responsible Tourism.

Many traveling families new to the notion of responsible tourism often believe that there must be additional effort involved. After all, the idea of being “responsible” about something often involves an obligation. Parents are responsible for the care of their children, for example.

Travelers further sometimes assume that responsible tourism practices carry extra costs in line with the obligations they are likely to face.

Neither conclusion is necessarily correct.

responsible family travel - family planting a tree

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Responsible tourism is as easy — and beneficial and rewarding — as the responsible actions parents take in caring for their children. And it should be motivated by the same reasons: concern, love and even duty. In this case, it is to the planet we call home and the people, animals and plants who inhabit it.

Responsible tourism is also no more or less expensive than any other kind of travel. Responsible behaviors are not specific to any budget — not made easier or more difficult by the decision to rough it or seek maximum pampering.

So what EXACTLY is responsible tourism? And how can families adopt responsible travel practices that will fit effortlessly into their plans to enjoy a holiday break… and perhaps even motivate new ways to ensure it? How can families be confident that they will fit into their travel designs without breaking their travel banks?

I asked our members to share their top tips for helping families to make responsible travel decisions. Here’s what they had to say.


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