Seven Lessons You Learn After Traveling With Kids

Seven Lessons You Learn After Traveling With Kids

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On our last day in Bukit Lawang, as we were checking out of our guest house, we met a family who was completing an overland trip from England to Australia. They had spent almost a year traveling with kids through Europe, over to Russia, into China, across Mongolia, and down through the rest of Asia. When we met them, they were on the final leg of their trip before finishing in Sydney, Australia. Talking to the parents and their two daughters, I couldn’t help but think what an awesome experience that would be, and how amazing it would be to do that kind of journey with kids in tow.

Whether it’s a long term journey, or a short vacation, there are a lot of benefits to traveling with kids. I thought I knew it all when it came to travel, and then I started traveling with kids of my own and it opened up a whole new side of travel. Each trip we’ve completed has had its fair share of snafus, but in the long run, they have been mostly positive. After five years worth of travels with my young kids, here are seven lessons I’ve learned from traveling with kids.

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