Vacation Trend: Slow Travel for Families Living in the Fast Lane

Vacation Trend: Slow Travel for Families Living in the Fast Lane

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“It’s the only time we connect,” said the mother on the other end of the phone, who had called me for help with her family’s spring break travel plans.

“You are not alone,” I answered.

Family life is more fractured than ever. Work and homework schedules have accelerated and are compounded by an electronic leash for adults and online addiction for kids. The new normal is face time with your screen, not your family. For many desperate parents, a family trip is the only time devices stand a chance of being put aside and deeper communication and connection can occur.

What’s more, family life is so micro-managed, that parents and kids alike have forgotten what free time and spontaneity even feel like. Ten years ago when I started my travel company Elevate Destinations, families took three-week safari trips and adjusted to “Africa time.” Now, work expectations force families to experience any destination in a week, which barely gives them time to adjust to jet lag, let alone their new surroundings.

The demand from families looking for time out, time to talk with their kids, and for spouses to reconnect with each other, is on the rise. Many parents have conceded the traditional family dinner —everyone is on their own schedule. That goes for weekends too, when working moms and dads are consumed with the second shift of errands they don’t have time for during the week.

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