South Dakota Tourism Launches New Campaign

South Dakota Tourism Launches New Campaign

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In response to COVID-19, South Dakota Tourism launched in March the “Great Places Are Waiting” campaign, a three-phase plan that will run through the summer across all media channels.

They recently entered our second phase, one that sees our marketing shift to more openly court & invite visitors to experience our Great Places. This second phase brings updates to markets, audiences, messages, calls-to-action, and media placements. The shift is based upon data, insights, and changes happening in key markets that they’ve been meticulously tracking weekly since mid-March.

The biggest changes:

  • Governor Noem announcing South Dakota’s “Back to Normal Plan” along with states, cities, and businesses opening up across the country.
  • 56.4% of locals now report being happy at the sight of an ad promoting their home, according to Destination Analysts, Inc. This is an increase from the 30.8% reported two weeks ago.
  • Traffic to is up 105% over the same time period.


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