A Special Flight Program for Special Kids

A Special Flight Program for Special Kids

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There have been many stories in recent years about families getting kicked off flights, and many of these families include children with Special Needs.

Kids with Autism have difficulties with an overload of the senses – sights, sounds, smells. Imagine that the individual smells of all of those people on the plane hitting your nose all at once. (I have problems with this as well; I usually get seated next to someone who has doused themselves in perfume!) Imagine the man faces of security, flight attendants, other passengers all flashing by you at a rapid pace. Imagine the sounds of the flight attendants making an announcement over the loudspeaker, the noise of the crowds, the beeps of the metal detectors bombarding your ears. Kids with Autism take all of this in at once, and have no filter to make sense of it all.

And the whole airport and flying experience may be out of their regular routine. No school, away from home , perhaps trying something new for the first time, it can certainly set off kids with Autism, and they sometimes do not know how to channel this anxiety and stress, causing meltdowns.

Being a parent of a child with Autism myself, I understand the anxiousness parents of children with Special Needs feel as they contemplate traveling. “We would love to take a trip, but I don’t know how he/she would do on the flights? What if something sets him/her off getting through security? Getting on the plane? What if we get kicked off the flight?”

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