Tapsy Tours Educates and Entertains Children and Adults

Tapsy Tours Educates and Entertains Children and Adults

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Parents are increasingly seeking travel experiences for their children that help educate them and broaden their minds, something FTA Member Tapsy Tours has focused on for over the last three years.

In the recently released 2018 U.S. Family Travel Survey, when asked to define the impact of travel on their children, parents felt most strongly about the phrase that, “travel has helped my children see the world from a broader perspective”.  They also highly agreed  that “travel has helped my children be more engaged learners, and “my child(ren) have become more adventurous because of our family travel experiences.”

The 2018 U.S. Family Travel Survey also asked parents to rank how travel benefits their families. The top answer was that their families often discuss memories of trips as a family, followed by children understanding different cultures, and that “travel is an important part of my child(ren)’s education.”

The concept of making travel educational and entertaining is at the core of Tapsy’s product development.

“We truly believe that understanding different cultures is extremely important for children to get closer to people and become more open-minded adults,” said Tapsy CEO Paola De Paolis.

An international ground agent/tour operator, Tapsy was launched about 15 years by De Paolis, and was based on the management team’s experience in the cruise industry. In 2014 De Paolis realized that there weren’t any tours that could satisfy both children and adults.

De Paolis believes in the power of children learning better when they are having fun, so she began testing prototype tours that, through games and kid-oriented historical references, could be engaging for the entire family.

Today, the company is known for its creative use of games, specially trained guides and educational booklets for children to help them understand how the culture they are exploring is different and unique.

“When we develop our tours, we pay specific attention on the educational aspect,” De Paolis said. “The explanations from the guide, as well as the information in the booklets, are all aimed at making kids learn, but in a fun and engaging way.”

For example, the company consults professional educators for the development of Tapsy’s booklets and educational activities.

“All our programs are meant to take families out of the mainstream tourist venues,” De Paolis said. “Our mission is to help families meet, make children explore the world in a unique way and give adults a richer perspective on the world – through their children’s eyes.”

Recently an educator from the Toronto area wrote on Trip Advisor about their 2018 Tapsy Rome tour, including the tour guide greeting them with pizza.

“It was the perfect blend of age appropriate learning and interactive activities that kept all of us engaged,” they wrote on a post at the travel review site. (The family’s children are ages 7, 9 and 11.)

“We learned so many fascinating things about Rome with our awesome guide Jeanette. Our tour also had a children’s entertainer who role played different people throughout Roman history with various outfits. As an educator myself, I was really impressed at the structure of the tour. I couldn’t believe all the facts my kids remembered from our tour.”

Today, Tapsy leads tours in more than 15 European destinations, most recently adding St. Petersburg, Russia, and is looking at the Caribbean in the not too distant future.

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