The Worst Travel Advice for Families

The Worst Travel Advice for Families

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Travel means different things to different people. When you’re flying solo, it may be for the chance to discover the world, or to discover yourself. And when you travel with kids, you might view it as a chance to bond or an opportunity to raise globally aware humans. No matter how or who you travel with, sometimes you do need a little advice. But that advice can be subjective … not to mention bordering on the ridiculous.

Sure, if you’re thinking about taking the kids for a vacay in a third world war zone where coup d’états occur fortnightly, trekking deep into Amazonian rainforest with nothing but a podcast and a sambo for company, pitching a tent in an uncleared landmine field, or climbing Mount Everest wearing flip flops and a unicorn onesie, then you should definitely listen to all of the advice. And the scarier and more OCD that advice is the better.

But if you’re planning on packing up the kids for a week in Fiji, embarking on a museum crawl around central Europe, or eating your way around Asia … not so much.

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