Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Teenagers

Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Teenagers

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Keeping everyone happy on a family vacation is tricky enough, let alone when children turn into temperamental teens. In this blog we give our top tips on where to take them and how to make the vacation one to remember.



  1. Involve your teens in the travel planning process from the start, give them a say on the family vacation and what they would like to get out of it.
  2. Tailor your vacation to any interests your teen may have, for example if they love being on the water, take them on a surfing vacation; or if they’re into fashion, make sure there’s a city break included.
  3. Encourage questions about the vacation, they’ll be much more relaxed the more familiar they are with the destination.
  4. Give your teen a sense of ownership by assigning them a task such as map reading or choosing the restaurant.
  5. When staying in a hotel, let your teens have their own room near yours, it gives them a sense of independence rather than being in an inter-connecting room which can get claustrophobic!
  6. Teenagers need time to unwind as much as us adults do, give them some space and allow for down-time such as relaxing by a pool for an afternoon or giving them a movie night.
  7. At the same time, teens love a good adrenalin-rush, so book ahead an activity to get the blood pumping such as white-water rafting or zip-lining.
  8. Give your teenager a budget for the vacation and let them keep what they don’t spend after the vacation, this way they’re in control and may even learn to save!
  9. As much as we try to drag teens away from Facebook, it’s a good idea to make sure there is wifi at some point in the vacation allowing them to stay connected to their friends at home.
  10. If you’d like your teenager to make new friends, travel to a resort where there is a teens club, group activities really help teenagers come out of their shells – even the painfully shy ones!

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