Top Considerations for Volunteering Overseas… with Your Kids

Top Considerations for Volunteering Overseas… with Your Kids

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When I think about my childhood memories, many of the ones that stand out are from family vacations.

Like many childhoods, mine was filled with homework and sports, household chores and hanging out with friends, games and squabbles with my sibling, family meals. Millions of mundane moments that make up a happy childhood, but blur in memory as time passes.

But I do have distinct memories (and a handful of blurry photos) from my first airplane ride and our family trip to Disneyland when I was seven. Our family took a few more “big trips” over the course of my school years: Yellowstone, Washington D.C., and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Some moments from those trips are immortalized in pictures and trip diaries. Many more stay in my mind because the experiences I had on those trips and the places I saw were so different from what I knew back home.

Given the outsized impact family vacations can have on children, it’s no wonder that more and more parents are considering adding in a volunteer experience.

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