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We’ve all witnessed groups of tourists following the raised voices and flags of tour guides as they make their way toward a row of awaiting buses. If a scene like this makes you vow never to be one of “those people,” you may want to avoid rushing to judgment. There are some very good reasons why “tour” isn’t always a four-letter word.

Find the Right Fit

Not all tours are created equal. Operators specialize in everything from three-hour sightseeing bus rides to 28-day private jet trips around the world, so there’s a lot to choose from. So no matter what your preference, there’s probably a travel package that fits your style.

Don’t Worry

The biggest benefit of working with a tour operator is that they handle all the planning and logistics. (Well, almost all of it. In many cases, getting yourself to and from the point of embarcation is still your responsibility.) Organized travel packages are growing in popularity among families because of the convenience factor.

“Joining a group tour means not spending valuable vacation time confirming reservations, worrying about transfers or solving problems along the way,” says Lynn O’Rourke Hayes, editor of “Plus, families can rely on a trusted tour operator to uncover the best experiences so all they have to do is relax and enjoy their vacation.”

Do Your Homework

Nothing in life is free. If you’re going to have others do the heavy lifting, it’ll cost you. But cost isn’t the only challenge when it comes to selecting a tour operator. Since most people aren’t very familiar with the names of even the most highly rated companies, it might be difficult to know where to begin. “This is not unlike finding a good doctor or a good contractor,” says Susan Farewell of And how do you do that? “Look around,” she says. “Ask friends, neighbors, or Facebook contacts. Then call or email the travel consultant and interview them.”

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