Travel Advisor Certification

Travel Advisor Certification

Introduction to the Family Travel Association Travel Advisor Certification

The FTA has set the standard for knowledge, expertise, and excellence for travel advisors specializing in the family travel market.  Our goal is to provide Advisors with the necessary insights and information to grow and achieve success in  Family Travel sales. Our training is based on relevant market research studies and real-life examples. FTA Certified Family Travel Advisors will have a competitive advantage to confidently deliver family vacation experiences that exceed client expectations at every life stage.

FTA Academy

The “FTA Academy” Family Specialist course consists of 7 video modules offering insightful and thought-provoking content for advisors at every stage of their careers.

Once advisors have watched all the videos, there is a 21-question comprehensive online test.

Upon successful completion with a passing grade, advisors will receive a certificate of success and a badge of certification that they can proudly display on their website, email signatures, business cards, and all their marketing materials.  It is a way to demonstrate to your clients your knowledge, experience, and commitment to excellence when creating incredible vacation experiences for your clients.