Traveling with Autism

Traveling with Autism

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We’re a family with Special Needs; we have three boys, and one has Autism. With his diagnosis comes sensory issues, food aversions and lot of anxiety. We used to have more behavioral meltdowns, but as he’s gotten older, he’s grown out of those.

Just after our son’s Autism diagnosis, I remember going to Mommy-and-Me Autism groups. I learned so much from the other Moms of older kids on the Spectrum. They had “been there, done that,” and were able to pass on so many crucial nuggets of information – which dentist works best with kids with Autism, where to go for sibling support, what places around town have great recreational opportunities for families with children on the Spectrum.

One of the important questions I had for the other parents at these meet-ups was, “How do you travel with children with Autism?” I asked the other Moms in the group, because I was/am an avid traveler, and I couldn’t imagine trying to take my two-and-a-half year old son on a vacation. His meltdown and sensory issues seemed insurmountable.

In response to my question about travel, most parents with kids on the Autism Spectrum said, “Well, we just don’t travel. We don’t go on vacations.”

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2 responses to “Traveling with Autism”

  1. Danielle says:

    My son has autism and I’m determined for us to travel when he’s older. I even decided to become a travel agent to help other special needs families to enjoy travel

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