Trends in the Family Market Recap

Trends in the Family Market Recap

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Recently, the Family Travel Association presented an hour-long Lunch & Learn webinar covering the latest Trends in the Family Market, hosted by three experts in the industry.

Here are just a few key highlights from the full discussion, which is available to view on the FTA Info Hub:

  • In the 2023 Annual US Family Travel Survey, 81% of parents expressed intent to travel in the next 12 months, historically a very strong level of interest.
  • Families plan to either maintain or increase level of spending in the next 12 months, reflecting an interest in return to full-fledged travel.
  • The headline would be “returning to normal.” Families are discussing travel largely in a similar fashion to pre-pandemic.
  • Families recognize the importance of travel, with 88% of respondents saying travel has been helpful to their children overcoming lingering impacts of the pandemic.
  • However, families are carrying forward is a strong focus on sanitation and hygiene, along with a heightened sense of the fine print – cancellation policies, refund policies, travel insurance, etc.
  • The willingness to engage travel agents has jumped significantly this year, reaching 70% among both parents and grandparents, especially as groups seek more personalized experiences and hidden gem destinations.
  • Travelers also want more personalized experiences, especially as the travel rebound crowds popular destinations. Advisors can capitalize on this by steering toward hidden gems.
  • Airports and hotels need to fight for families again, with accommodations like adjoining rooms, having quiet spaces, activities for kids, etc.
  • Europe is seeing a lot of interest again, but people are starting to look beyond the first-thought destinations like London and Paris to places like Croatia and Portugal.
  • All-inclusives are on the rise as parents appreciate knowing the exact cost of their trip before departing, especially as prices rise across the board.
To learn much more about where family travel is headed in 2024, head to the FTA Member Portal.

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