Under Construction: FTA Travel Agent Resource Center

Under Construction: FTA Travel Agent Resource Center

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Over the next few weeks, we’ll be reaching out to FTA members to gather assets for the soon-to-be-launched FTA Resource Center for Travel Agents. We want to hear from you about what tools and information would help you better connect with your FTA colleagues, and improve your business.

The Resource Center will be designed to assist travel agents and suppliers in educating themselves about, and working with, each other, to better serve the family travel market. Housed on the FTA website, this valuable resource will be a one-of-its-kind asset, unique to the value the FTA creates for its members. It will help agents understand the best way to position and sell our supplier members, and tools they can only access through the FTA.

We have been working on the concept since the beginning of the year, and now under the direction of our Communications Director Richard D’Ambrosio, we are accelerating the final design and roll out the initial offerings for this fall.

Richard will be contacting a variety of FTA members for their assets and suggestions in the next few weeks, aggregating all of the information, and making final recommendations for the tools prior to our Summit in Bermuda, Oct. 7-9.

When Richard reaches out to you, please contribute your thoughts on how we can continue to drive value between our agent members and suppliers. As he won’t be able to reach out to everyone individually, feel free to email him at richard@familytravel.org.

In the coming months, we’ll be launching a variety of new resources to promote family travel and advocate for it with relevant organizations and stakeholders. The FTA Resource Center is a new and important piece of this process, and we hope you will be an active part of its success.

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