Use Us! – And Get the Most out of your FTA Membership

Use Us! – And Get the Most out of your FTA Membership

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The FTA exists to serve its members. After all, if there are no members – there is no FTA, right?

To that end, we’d love to have you use us. Seriously. Did you join to connect with the 80+ vetted freelancers and bloggers in our Media Center? Want to reach more agents? Need to connect with destinations committed to family travel? We can help you with that.

First, sign up for the ‘FTA Links’ networking group on Facebook.

Second, you still have time to join us in October for our trade-only conference the FTA Summit, where networking with industry leaders abounds

Third, use us to send your direct pitches to the FTA members that you want to connect with.

NOTE: as a matter of policy, we don’t share the contact information of individual member contacts. If you want to reach a specific company, let us know (include an introduction and your contact information), and we’ll reach out to them on your behalf. Then, if you are interested, we connect you directly.


Why would you use us in this way? Because connecting via the FTA works. It’s good for business. Here are a few examples, quotes from our members talking about the benefits of working with other companies that they met through the FTA networks:

  • Thanks to the FTA, I met Costa Rica Vacations last year. Our agency has subsequently brought them $60K in sales – and counting.
  • I got a call last week from [a conference]. Said someone recommended me from my talk at the FTA summit. They have selected me as one of 100 people who will be invited to their mastermind event to occur before the conference.
  • We were able to save [FTA Member] $2,000 annually and then save him $1600 per transaction. According to his projections of annual business, we will save him about $10-15,000 over the year.
  • We have, by the way, also written about Tracks & Trails, and I just returned from a stay at a wonderful dude ranch, thanks to the Dude Ranchers’ Association. Neither of these new articles would have happened without the FTA.
  • Oh, did I tell you about my new client Tierra del Volcan? I met them through the FTA!

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