Welcome to the Family Travel Association

Welcome to the Family Travel Association

Ten years ago, my wife and I decided to do something that we’d always dreamed about, but, until then, never had the guts to act on. We packed our bags, bought some around-the-world airline tickets and went traveling for a year.

So what inspired us to do this after years of procrastination? Our kids.

Jenss family on a raft


Make no mistake: after the birth of our children, any talk of traveling around the world quickly ceased. But a few years later, we began to realize that if we actually took a trip like this with our boys, it could provide them with a deeper appreciation and greater perspective of the world than any classroom could. As my friend Keith Bellows so wisely noted, “True learning happens between the poles, not just between the ears.”

When we returned, I realized that even though families were hitting the road in record numbers, not enough parents were taking full advantage of all the incredible opportunities that travel has to offer. Whether for a year, an extended vacation or just a weekend getaway, there are so many wonderful experiences for kids out there – many of which the general public knows little about.

To help create a broader awareness of all the possibilities, I launched the Family Travel Association, a coalition of the travel industry’s leading suppliers, resources and experts on the subject of traveling with children. Our mission is to inspire families to travel by (1) promoting all the child-friendly experiences that families can share together, (2) educating the public on all the positive and lasting benefits travel affords young people, and (3) simplifying the process of planning a trip.

We worked to create a go-to resource that can help you more easily access the information you’re looking for when it comes to traveling with kids. After all, there’s a lot of great information out there; it’s just not always easy to find. That’s why we’re curating the most useful content on the web from the best sources in the business.

We’ve come together as an industry, so you can trust that the information we’re delivering is reliable – something we know is very important to anyone planning a trip with children.

Welcome to the Family Travel Association!


Rainer Jenss
Family Travel Association